Welcome to the Big Money Blog

Hey welcome! We are glad you decided to stop by our blog! If you have not been introduced to us before, we are My Green… very nice to meet you.

We are a campaign that First Nations Development Institute created to help Native American teens and young adults plan for and manage their 18 money. The campaign launched in April of this year, and if you were out and about at some pow wows this summer, chances are you have seen us! We have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and you have been so receptive to our initiative!

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Since you are already connecting through social media, we are featuring this campaign on social network sites that you already use, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Oh, that reminds us, if you haven’t yet, you should like our Facebook Page; we give away cool items like Dre Beats headphones frequently!

We are now introducing you to the Big Money Blog. We hope that this can become a space where you can ask questions and talk to each other about the issues you care about even if they are not money related! Of course, this will also be where we can have some fun and share funny YouTube videos and memes.
Stay tuned and come back frequently for updates!