Shopping Spree: Some Things to Consider Before Hitting up Your Favorite Mall!

Nothing brings out your inner shopaholic like a freshly cut check! It is tempting to make impulsive purchases when going on a shopping spree. It is much easier to make smart purchases if you have a plan before you hit the mall. Here are some things to consider:

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•Only bring a pre-determined amount of cash to limit yourself
•Check your closet and drawers before you go shopping for things you already own
•Make a list of things that absolutely need and can’t live without (yes, you really can’t live without)vs. what you want
•Go shopping with someone who is a money ninja
•Look online for stores that are having promotions that day

It’s ok to buy things for yourself, just don’t get tooooo carried away. Fashions change and technology is updated all the time. Don’t chase trends, it will leave you broke!