Protecting Your Precious Investments

You have big plans for your 18 money, right?! Maybe you’re thinking about buying a car, or perhaps a new computer, or maybe even a house? Those are expensive investments, and if you are buying these items with your big money, you need to start thinking about taking care and protecting your big investments!

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Insurance is important– you have to plan for accidents and natural disasters (they happen more times than you think!) that could damage your stuff. Insurance gives you the peace of mind of getting your money back in case something happens.
Taking care of your stuff– this may be obvious, but actually taking physical care of your stuff is important. Oil changes, replacing drippy pipes, installing anti-viruses on your computer help you keep your stuff working properly so you won’t need new ones.
If you have any questions about how to protect your 18 money purchases, ask us and we’ll help you find the answers!