Welcome to the 18 Money Challenge game!


This interactive game is designed to help you practice managing your Big Money. It was created for youth who are receiving minor’s trust payments or other payments from tribal trusts or annuities. Many youth have big hopes and dreams for their money, but have little practice managing large sums of money. As a result, the money can disappear quickly, and be spent on “little things that add up,” as observed by My Green spokesman Hunter Thomas. When you play this game you will be given a fictional $100,000 “Big Money” check and you will have many opportunities to spend, invest, or save it. When you are done with the game, see how you did and how much money you spent and how much you saved. And then play it again and see how you do when you make different choices! Similar to the real world, there is not always a right or wrong answer. But better to learn from your choices with play money than the real thing!