Places to Enjoy Professional Sports Live Without Spending a Fortune this Winter

It would be nice to watch our favorite sports teams play right in their stadium, arena, or ballpark. Tickets can be expensive even if you look for discounts online. Here are some ways to be surrounded by the passion of the die-hard fans, without paying for over priced tickets:

1-FN-Blog Posts-Oct-9.19.13-16Local restaurant
You can use Yelp to find the local restaurants where fans go to watch the game. In the “Find” search box, type “best places to watch football” and in the “Near” search box, type in your address or current location.

Local college or minor league team
Tickets to an NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS or any major professional sport can cost you a fortune. Instead, check out the nearest college or amateur league team. You can purchase tickets and search for games on StubHub. Sometimes it’s more fun when you can watch the game without worrying how much you spent to be there!!

Some of the biggest sports fans gather outside the stadium to party for their team. Make a trip to your team’s stadium and tailgate with friends and family. Check out these tips.