Making Cash While Still in Class

School and graduation should be your number one priority. However, many people also want to earn some $$ to save for college, pay for hobbies, outings with friends, and other things while in school. Committing to a part time job is not the only way to earn some dough while you’re still a student. Here are some other ways you can start thinking about earning your own money:

Many students make money by babysitting after school, dog walking or having a paper route in the morning. Check out your local craigslist site for a number of these low-commitment money makers.
2, Are you wiz at a certain subject? There are plenty part-time tutoring possibilities through your school and private companies.
3. Do you have extra electronics gathering dust? There are many online resources that will pay for your “junk” and for you to ship it to them. will buy video games and electronics. will buy electronics. Don’t forget about eBay, Craigslist, or even your local paper!
4. You can get rid of yesterday’s clothing trends at your local consignment shop.
5. and will buy your old textbooks. Or you can sell them yourself on Amazon!
6. Take a chance inside the money machine!

Having a job and earning your own money will help you value your big money once you have it!