DIY activities: Ways to reuse “junk” instead of buying something new

Glass bottles and jars: save your glass jars instead of buying travel mugs. You can spray paint or paint them to add a personal touch. Cuppow makes reusable lids that fit many jars. Or checkout this tutorial on how to make your own.

P1-FN-Blog Posts-Oct-9.19.13-17aint cans: remove the labels from the can and cover it with scrapbook paper. You can use it to hold art supplies.

Old furniture: repaint and replace knobs and handles on furniture to make it look like new.

Old Suitcases: feeling extra creative? Check out these Pinterest boards for ways to reuse old suitcases and other “junk.”

Magazines: make collages to decorate your room by cutting out pictures or pages from old magazines.

Cans: clean and paint aluminum cans to make pencil and knick-knack holders that can be used on your desk.