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Protecting Your Precious Investments

You have big plans for your 18 money, right?! Maybe you’re thinking about buying a car, or perhaps a new computer, or maybe even a house? Those are expensive investments, and if you are buying these items with your big money, you need to start thinking about taking care and protecting your big investments! Insurance[…..]

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Satisfying Your Fall Seasonal Cravings

As the weather gets colder, it becomes harder to leave the house, unless you are craving something delicious! Now that fall is here, the beach, ice cold lemonade, ice cream and other summer cravings start to lose their appeal. As the weather cools down, apple cider and pies come to mind. However, not everyone has[…..]

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Shopping Spree: Some Things to Consider Before Hitting up Your Favorite Mall!

Nothing brings out your inner shopaholic like a freshly cut check! It is tempting to make impulsive purchases when going on a shopping spree. It is much easier to make smart purchases if you have a plan before you hit the mall. Here are some things to consider: •Only bring a pre-determined amount of cash[…..]

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Making Cash While Still in Class

School and graduation should be your number one priority. However, many people also want to earn some $$ to save for college, pay for hobbies, outings with friends, and other things while in school. Committing to a part time job is not the only way to earn some dough while you’re still a student. Here[…..]

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How to Save Money on Beauty and Health Products!

Lookin’ good breaking the bank? Even beauty bloggers are looking for ways to save money on the products they use every day! Check out some really smart and easy tips from Bailey B. from Making up the Midwest!

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10 Easy Ways to Give Back to Your Community

Looking out for those who have less than you is an admirable thing to do – it always lifts your spirit! However, thinking about donating money to all the causes you care about can leave you feeling overwhelmed and possibly not doing anything at all. There are many ways you can give back to your[…..]

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6 Financial Tips Every Teen Receiving a Per Cap Should Know

1.Have a plan! Making a budget is key to controlling your money. This will help you dictate where every bit of your money goes, so you won’t be stuck asking yourself “Where did my big money go?” 2.Save for the expected and the unexpected! Saving is crucial for you financial secruity. Whether your saving for[…..]


Magician Handing Out $100 Bills to the Homeless

He’s doing magic tricks and letting the homeless keep the $100 bills.

free date ideas

5 Fall Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank.

As the seasons change, summer flings may end and new ones may begin. The best part about fall romance is the endless options for free dates. So go ahead, ask your love interest out on a date! If it doesn’t work out, at least you didn’t break the bank! Here are 5 ideas: 1.Watch a[…..]