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Tired of Running on Indian Time?

If you haven’t already, you should consider investing in a personal organizer, like a planner. You can create free time for yourself around less flexible commitments, like homework and doctor’s appointments, if you are organized. Make plans with friends after you have planned time for homework.  Take these simple steps to have a more organized[…..]


Top 10 Ways I Blew My Big Money!

10. Totaled my brand new car that I didn’t have insurance on 9. Didn’t maintain my GPA and had to pay back my tribal scholarship 8. Didn’t have a job and just kept spending until it was all gone 7. Trying to impress my favorite snag 6. Trying to impress my favorite snag the second[…..]

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DIY activities: Ways to reuse “junk” instead of buying something new

Glass bottles and jars: save your glass jars instead of buying travel mugs. You can spray paint or paint them to add a personal touch. Cuppow makes reusable lids that fit many jars. Or checkout this tutorial on how to make your own. Paint cans: remove the labels from the can and cover it with scrapbook[…..]

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Places to Enjoy Professional Sports Live Without Spending a Fortune this Winter

It would be nice to watch our favorite sports teams play right in their stadium, arena, or ballpark. Tickets can be expensive even if you look for discounts online. Here are some ways to be surrounded by the passion of the die-hard fans, without paying for over priced tickets: Local restaurant You can use Yelp[…..]

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Buried treasures in your parent’s or grandparent’s closets

There are many old school products that are making a comeback.  Your family might have some items that are coming back into style so check out the attic before you splurge! Fashion tends to be cyclical! Snapbacks and 5 Panel Hats Flat brim hats are going out of style and more teens are wearing snapbacks[…..]

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Have a football party that you, your friends and your wallet can enjoy!

Football is quickly emerging as America’s sport (sorry baseball people). We bond, laugh, and argue over the game. Even if you can’t make it to see the big game in person doesn’t mean an event can’t be made out of it. Invite a group of friends to your house for a football party. Here are[…..]

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Apps to help plan an inexpensive day or weekend trip with your friends this winter break

Breaks from school are awesome, until you become bored with the extra free time! You may have heard before that one of the best things to do while you’re young is to travel. The problem is that traveling can be expensive; however there are many apps that can help you save while taking a mini[…..]

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6 Activities that YouTube Can Teach You!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar or use those apps on your computer that look cool, but seem so complicated? Now that the weather is cooler it might be a good time for YouTube to help you pick up that “rainy-day hobby.” There are endless video tutorials online from how to[…..]

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Eating Habits You Need to Quit Before They Make You Broke!

Hunter said it best, it’s the little things we do every day that rack up a big bill quickly. Watch out little things, you have met your match! 1.Kick the can and the bottle! The average person spends about $350 on drinking soda each year. If you drink at least one bottled water a day,[…..]

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5 Sure signs that you’re baaaa-roke!

We’ve all been there… some weeks are just harder to make the cash stretch . 1.The word FREE gets your attention 100% of the time 2.You and your friends have borrowed money from each other so much that you’ve lost count of who owes whom 3.You know exactly how many miles you can go after[…..]