Buried treasures in your parent’s or grandparent’s closets

There are many old school products that are making a comeback.  Your family might have some items that are coming back into style so check out the attic before you splurge! Fashion tends to be cyclical!

1-FN-Blog Posts-Oct-9.19.13-15Snapbacks and 5 Panel Hats
Flat brim hats are going out of style and more teens are wearing snapbacks and 5 panel hats. You may be surprised to find that these hats were a trend when your parents were your age.

Professional sports apparel 
The old school style of jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel are replicated to make trendy, retro fashion statements. Sports apparel companies sell modern throwback jerseys for a big buck! Check your parents’ old clothes and see what you can find

Record players
Vinyl is back, baby! Become a weekend warrior and visit local garage sales for cheap vintage vinyl  or tap into your parents’ collection.

Film &Polaroid Cameras
If your parents have an old film camera collecting dust in a closet, try it out. You can go to your local pharmacy to get the pictures developed and find some hidden gems. If you find a Polaroid camera, keep it! They are super rare and now come with a big price tag !