Best Money Tips For 2014 (From My Green and Other Financial Ninjas)

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My Green student artist, Kyle James

  • Use cash when buying gas.
  • Don’t co-mingle assets with a snag.  That means separate cars, credit cards, and cell phone plans.
  • “Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon” – Peter Lynch (financial guru)
  • For online financial accounts, add optional security questions with answers that can’t be found on your Facebook or other social media profiles.
  • Clarify your goals by writing a personal financial statement.
  • Don’t tell anyone how much your per cap payments are.
  • Cut your time spent watching TV by 50%.
  • Wait at least another year to start a family.
  • When time permits, walk instead of drive for errands less than one mile away.
  • Deduct your yacht loan as mortgage interest on a second home.  Hey, My Green is all about dreaming big, right!?
  • Take an accounting course.
  • If you’re interested in investing in the stock market, look at companies that keep your business even when they gouge you.  Can’t wait to buy another $100 hoodie!
  • Learn about your bf/gf’s debts before you get too serious.
  • Save till it hurts.
  • “Never buy anything from someone who is out of breath” – Burton Malkiel (financial guru)
  • If you fly more than twice a year, enroll in a frequent flyer program.
  • Next time a good friend asks to borrow a hundy, give him/her fifty and let him keep it.