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Money Now?

I’ll get my Big Money in a few months but I could really use the money right now. I got a phone call the other day from someone who said she could give me my money right now, all I have to do is sign a few forms and pay some processing fees. It sounds like a great deal. What do you think? ...See our answer →


Should I Give Favors?

I recently received my Big Money and all of a sudden I have a bunch of people asking for favors, loans, and handouts (like my Uncle Pat who I haven’t seen since I was practically in diapers and my buddy Arnold who thinks that buying several VIP tickets to see Metallica is a great “investment”). I’ve been helping a lot of them out because I don’t want to come across as stingy but it’s getting old. I have friends in the same boat as me (and trust me, the water is pretttttty choppy) and some have loaned out over $20,000 that I don’t think will ever be paid back. What should I do? ...See our answer →


Credit Cards

It seems like every time I go shopping these days a salesperson tries to get me to open up a credit card with their store–the ones that promise a discount on your purchase. What is the deal with them? Someone told me that these credit cards affect your credit score. ...See our answer →


Saving Accounts

Many of my friends have been talking about savings accounts that they recently opened. It sounds like a good idea and I want to open one too but I don’t know how. I tried to look it up online but it seems kind of confusing. Can you help? ...See our answer →


Gold Diggers

My tribe pays a fat monthly per cap. The checks have really gone up in the past few years and while it’s awesome to have so much money, there are problems too, such as freeloaders looking to marry tribal members so they can live off our per caps. My brother has fallen for one of these gold diggers. It’s so obvious to the family that she is only using him for money but he just can’t see it. Once they started dating she quit her job, and he has bought her 2 cars, a diamond necklace and more clothes than she can fit in her closet over the last 6 months. The wedding is right around the corner. How can I make him understand that money can’t buy love? ...See our answer →


Car Purchase?

I get my big money next week. I’m psyched! The first thing I’m gonna do is buy myself a car. What do you think is a better investment (and for establishing some serious street cred), a rugged, mud-eating Land Rover or a sleek and shiny BMW? ...See our answer →


Budgets: Where to start?

I want to create a budget but I don’t know where to start. It seems that at the end of each month, I’m like my favorite pizza joint at the end of a busy night, low on dough. How do I create a budget and keep track of my expenses?...See our answer →