5 Ways to Listen to Music for Free

Tired of the music same old playlists on Pandora or on your iTunes? There are many other resources to find new music for free. Discover new artists and songs on your laptop, tablet or smartphone with these websites and apps.

1. Spotify: can be linked with Facebook, so you can see what your friends are listening to instantly. You can also create stations and find 1-FN-December-Social Media-Blogs-12.3.132popular playlists.

2. Grooveshark: allows you to stream and upload music that can be added to playlists and shared with your friends.

3. Soundcloud: lets you share music, follow other people, like and repost music on your personal profile.

4. 8tracks: has the “Play me some” feature to find playlists for any mood you are in. The playlists are made by other music lovers, not a computer that guesses what you are into.

5. Songza: detects what time of the day it is and recommends music for activities you might be doing at that time.