4 Common Mistakes Teens Make When Looking for Success

Your teenage years are a big deal! You’re entering adulthood, comes with a ton of responsibility – especially when you get your Big Money! Most people think one’s big money represents a turning point in life, and to some extent, it’s true! But you should keep these tips in mind so that you don’t end up broke as a joke.

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1.Make Your Bed
For real!  Would you believe people who make their beds every morning tend to exhibit better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.  Not to mention the added bonus of a nice tidy room!

2. Overreaching
Success is a relative term. Your idea of failure could be another person’s idea of success; map out your goals, and make sure they’re realistic.

3. Work Smart, Not Hard
It’s not a bad thing that you have ambition; but it can be your downfall if you don’t take a minute (more is suggested) to think about your goals. Make sure your first thought doesn’t turn into an afterthought.

4.Not doing your homework
Did you do all the research you needed to for your next venture? Whether it’s starting your own business, using your per-cap money to buy into a franchise, or just using it to go to college, you need to make sure that at the end of the day, you’re not left broke and penniless.