3 Features You Should Start Using On Your Smartphone

“There’s an app for that” is old news; everyone knows that there is an app for almost everything. People often forget about some of most basic apps that are oftentimes, the most valuable.

1-FN-December-Social Media-Blogs-12.3.133Email
Keep your emails free from junk and check it daily. You need to get in this habit in preparation for college or working in the real world – professors and employers expect it! Get into the habit of keeping your email organized and responding to important emails quickly. People will appreciate the time you took to respond to them and will notice it.

As mentioned in our blog post about keeping an agenda, it is important to have good time management skills. You can remember important dates by simply putting them in your smartphone’s calendar. You can set alerts to remind you when an important date is coming up. You will never forget an important date again if you make using your calendar a routine.

Passbook or Lemon Wallet
Almost every smartphone has a an app that allows you to keep track of your credit cards, debits cards, tickets for the plane or the movies. You will never lose a card again if you start using the iPhone app Passbook or download the app Lemon Wallet.