10 Easy Ways to Give Back to Your Community

Looking out for those who have less than you is an admirable thing to do – it always lifts your spirit! However, thinking about donating money to all the causes you care about can leave you feeling overwhelmed and possibly not doing anything at all. There are many ways you can give back to your community, to your favorite charities, and causes. Here are 10 ideas to give back without spending too much of your 18 money:
1. Join a volunteer group at school like Key Club
2. Take part in a walk or run to raise awareness1-FN-Blog Posts-Oct-9.19.13-1
3. Organize a toy drive for the holiday season
4. Volunteer for a home for the elderly or disabled
5. Tutor kids in a subject you excel in
6. Have a bake sale to raise money for your favorite charity
7. Lend a helping hand to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
8. Donate some of the clothes you haven’t worn in a while charities like Goodwill -but remember they should be in good shape
9. Save up your spare change in a jar and then donate to your favorite cause
10. Team up with a cause and organize a car wash to raise money